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Welcome to PAN-SA!

A national body for one of the most unique, diverse and talented professions in the working world. As South Africa’s leading professional body for Executive and Professional Assistants, PAN-SA’s mission is clear.

‘We connect, collaborate, educate and share with the Assistant profession’

We believe that there has never been a better time to be or become an Executive or Professional Assistant.


connect. collaborate. educate. share.


This year it’s all about you and all about lifting you UP – and helping you to realise your career aspirations! 

You are a serious business professional. You know this – but are you displaying all the characteristics of a successful Management Assistant? Do you understand the investments you need to make now to succeed in the future? Are you capatalising on your strengths and realising your full potential?

February is a wonderful time of love, romance and passion!  It is an opportunity for us to evaluate and ask ourselves “do I do what I love, and love what I do?”  if the question is yes, then I encourage you to commit to continue in this vane, to level up and stretch yourself to be even more exceptional, and if not, see it as an opportunity to tackle those stumbling blocks that are preventing you from moving forward and creating an environment which fuels your passion and ignites your drive to succeed! We encourage you to be intentional this year about your goals and growth.  With our first workshop just around the corner in March, you will have the opportunity to do just that! We look forward to having you innovate, integrate and motivate with us in our journey to being exceptional!

Connect with us or simply complete the membership form and we will get you on-board.

It is time to review and set your goals for 2019. Let’s work together…

Susan & Cathy

Would you like to get your membership subscription renewal for free, for the next two years? We know your answer is likely to be a resounding YES!

         Introduce 4 new paying members before your subscription expires, and receive your subscription free for the next 2 years!

 And if you are not sure when your subscriptions expires, please mail us and we will confirm that detail for you.


What We Offer

As a paid member you will have access to ALL resources, information, links, training and developmental initiatives and material.


A learning and development portal where you have the opportunity to upgrade your skills, book one-on-one coaching and mentoring opportunities with experienced specialists, and access developmental resources to help you grow as a PA. This portal includes a TeachME Toolkit containing easy to use and downloadable templates and resources.


Attend national educational events, summits, training workshops, Management Assistant EXPO’s and many other events which influence and upgrade your skills, at discounted rates for all paid members.


Provides a variety of usable, downloadable everyday resources you need as to do your job effectively, from Agenda templates, to hand over documents, as well as process guides and tips to help you with operational issues, projects, meetings, setting up of internal networks plus much more.


This portal will give you access to connect you with handpicked procurement vendors who can help you with that special corporate gift, travel need, florists and everything else in-between.


Here we share book reviews, give you discounts on subscriptions of selected industry related magazines, free downloadable books, how-to manuals and links to some of the worlds’ top Management Assistant authors. In addition to the above, you as a member, will have access to connect with the team to put forward your ideas, suggestions and requests.


The good news is you can join up right now!  Simply complete the membership form attached and advise the method of payment (we can invoice your company on your behalf for you, if you choose as we are a registered, non-profit organisation.

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